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Polyfloral honey

Polyfloral honey is produced from the nectar of various melliferous plants. Such honey is often called floral. It is usually classified according to its  place of its origin - mountain, meadow, steppe, forest, etc. The color of polyfloral honey can vary widely - from light yellow to dark amber. The aroma, taste, and consistency of polyfloral also depends on its place of origin.

Linden honey

Linden honey is  one of highest-quality honey varieties and consumption of linden honey is associated with numerous health benefits. Linden honey comes in a variety of amber shades. It has a rich, sweet and fragrant aroma, intersecting with menthol balsamic notes of linden flowers, accompanied by a light pleasant bitterness. Linden honey is often used as a remedy for colds due to its diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic effects. Thanks to a unique ingredient called farnesol found in liquid nectar, linden honey is also an excellent antiseptic.

Spring honey
(May honey)

Spring or May honey is a polyfloral honey that is very popular among consumers due to its beneficial health properties and sweet taste. It is an early summer honey, made from bees' earliest collections from currant, raspberry, acacia, cherry, apple, pear, plum, and other plants and trees. The color of May honey varies, but always very light. It is unusually rich in fructose, due to which it is assimilated by the cells of our body faster than other honey varieties. As a result, spring honey does not raise blood glucose levels and is therefore suitable for diabetics. 

Acacia honey

Acacia honey is considered one of the best honeys in the world, with a very fine taste and numerous health benefits. Acacia honey has a delicate taste and inviting aroma. It has a distinctive light color, ranging from almost transparent to a light greenish tint.

Due to its high fructose content, acacia honey is easily assimilated by the body and is suitable for diabetic and baby food. It is also hypoallergenic. Acacia honey is also a wonderful natural remedy that stimulates the immune system and helps the body rejuvenate.